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Welcome to America, 2008: "Stunningly ignorant" - what today's high-schoolers don't know.

Increasing dependence on corn leaves the U.S. vulnerable to drought-induced price spikes in food and fuel.

'Anonymous' no more: more on the organized online campaign against Scientology.

* Huh. Ahmadinejad is the first Iranian president to visit Iraq. (Bonus: pictures.)
* Bush moves to shield telecommunications firms from lawsuits.
* Supreme Court may rethink 'indecent' broadcasts.
* Eight former presidential candidates discuss what they'd be talking about, if they were still in the race today.
* Analysis: questions that need asking about the Democrats' health care plans.
* I'm always amused by B-list celebrities endorsing candidates. Is anyone's opinion really affected when they announce that Russell Simmons has endorsed a candidate?
* Prince Williams County's crackdown on illegal immigrants will cost more than advertised.
* Toys for Tots turns its attention towards literacy.
* New warship made with steel salvaged from the wreckage of the World Trade Center.
* Ew. Snowflakes carry bacteria.

Commune, anyone? "Three families have each created suburban compounds: one with 11 homes, 31 relatives."

Welcome to America, 2008: A protest for more gay romance on a soap opera.

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