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Things that amuse me:

Damn, I always forget how busy May and June end up. Just a constant stream of things to do, esp. Friday and Saturday nights, plus a spat of new movies. I may put off the theoretical NYC trip to the fall, which is a long time away, but I do like NYC in the fall anyways.

Last night, no Heroclix, and just a rushed game of Iron Kingdoms: War Machine. But a good game! The Butcher is mighty, I tell you. Next time, I challenge Magistrate directly. Afterwards, a tasty late-night dinner with JubJub, and a drive home tragically too cloudy to see any lunar eclipses. Rakum frackum.

"This is not a show where we are going to be ripping children apart."
-Gail Berman, Fox entertainment president,on "American Juniors."

Fox continues to impress with its fall lineup, including a return of Joe Millionaire. I think that's everyone. (Except WB and UPN.)

Sweet. 1,800 year old shipwreck of a Roman military transport vessel found off coast of Netherlands.

* Nevermind. I'm just writing off Texas right now.
* The "Pope of Mosul."
* Bush says he supports the assault weapon ban, but does nothing to actually support it. Will he follow through on supporting the road map peace plan?
* Bush and Cheney declare assets. Yeah, I'm sure these two speak for the common man. I mean, I bought a $1,000 cowboy hat just the other day.
* Helping the Bantu learn about life in America.
* More behind the camera: the tough job of casting directors.
* Sorenstam sets a good example for female athletes.
* June Carter Cash passed away.

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