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"In another example of what critics have called the Bush administration's near-fetish for secrecy, the Office of the United States Trade Representative is refusing to disclose how much money Washington must pay to other countries to keep in place the current restrictions on online gambling. The still-classified dollar figure probably runs to the tens of billions of dollars."

Justice Dept. refuses to enforce Congressional subpoenas, leading to a showdown.

* War profiteers: 'a federal probe reveals how contractors in Iraq cheated the U.S.'
* Quagmire: "The next president may be stuck with more problems in Iraq than Bush ever faced."
* Good read on a number of topics in the Middle East: catching up with Abu Aardvark.
* What George Washington would say about our situation in Iraq.
* The Secretary of Commerce defends NAFTA and free trade, and warns against isolationism.
* Turkey withdraws from Iraq, leaving some questions.
* "Does experience matter in a president?"

"Over the past seven excruciating years, I've come to terms with the president being incompetent. The fact that we now know he's been capable of doing good all along, and has simply chosen not to - that really burns."

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