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Welcome to America, 2008: 1 out of every 100 adults in America is behind bars.

Dan Froomkin on Bush's press conference and more. (Bonus: excellent LiveOnline transcript.) Dana Milbank covers the press conference here.

Good read: the head of the GAO criticizes government spending.

* "Regulators are bracing for 100-200 bank failures over the next 12-24 months."
* Pakistanis aren't pleased with the administration's continued backing of Musharraf.
* The return of the crime issue.
* Democrats continue to push for ethics reform.
* Good read: "The era of the hunter-gatherer was not the social and environmental Eden that some suggest."
* Why we still have leap years.
* Victoria's Secret decides it is too sexy?
* Courtesy mscongeniality: Marvel Comics vs. body mass index.

Warner Brothers eats New Line. More from ICv2 here, including some history.

Hey UMCP alum: the illustrated novel by the guy who drew Igdoof is optioned for a movie.

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