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Previously, on Lost...

Best friends forever. Possibly, literally.

* Previously OK, maybe they're not doing those anymore.
* Picture. Helicopter. Notes. "Cheatsheet Farraday drew for me."
* Flying into the storm.
* And, barracks. Dream? "At least it was a bloody military dream."
* "Who are you?! HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME?!?"
* [OK, this Iron Man trailer convinced me. Well played, Marvel.]
* Helicopter took off a day ago.
* "So why aren't you worried?" -Juliet
* "Maybe we should just tell them?" -Daniel
* Perceptions of how long they've been gone are skewed.
* And if they go off course? "Then there might be... side effects." -Daniel
* And, the ship. 'You brought them here? What the hell were you thinking?!'
* "I'm not supposed to be here?"
* Huh. Did Des start flashing forward back then?
* "You are here, and this is happening." -the Captain
* "It's happening to you too, isn't it?" -the captive
* Landed on the boat in the middle of the day!
* Phones can only call each other, gotcha.
* Was he, say, exposed to high levels of radiation, or electromagnetism...
* 'confused'
* "No, this is not amnesia." -Daniel
* '...once we start heading to that island again...' -the captive
* And, Farraday calling. "I need you to tell me what year you think it is." 1996! "Where are you supposed to be?"
* Get on a train, go to Oxford. "Because I need you to find me." EEE
* Journal!
* Unpredictable, displacement random effect.
* Set the device to 2.342, oscillating at 11 hz. Eloise!
* And, it's Baltar proto-Dan, with his awesome hair. "Why would I put you through the headache of time travel?
* "This is where I do the things Oxford frowns upon."
* Prolonged exposure, but hey, where's the head covering?
* And, meet Eloise.
* Unstuck in time! Straight through the maze she hasn't been taught yet? What if he, then, didn't teach her in the next hour?
* "All I know about you is you end up on some bloody island."
* Chalkboard.
* And the captive is George, the radio guy. Wasn't supposed to answer any incoming calls...
* Out for 75 minutes, in the future only 5 minutes. Fears progression is exponential.
* Oh, and Eloise is dead. Brain aneurysm? Effects vary. Brain short circuited, no anchor. Uh oh.
* "I'm calling my bloody constant."
* Someone sabotaged the equipment two days ago. George, or Ben's spy? And, the door is Mysteriously Unlocked. Also, nosebleed time.
* Auction... The Black Rock! The journal of one Mr. Hanso!
* Won by bidder 755, a.k.a. Mr. Widmore.
* "Why do you hate me so much?"
* George's tale. Ship is anchored, waiting for orders. "We just wanted to see the island." And the other guy is dead. Eee.
* Calendar! EEE. "It's 2004."
* And, a nosebleed for Des, and bleeding eyes for George. "I can't get back."
* 423 Cheyne Walk. And, Penny. "Eight years from now, I need to call you, and I need your number."
* 12/24/2004.
* 79460893
* Yay, she answers. "Des, where are you?"
* "I know about the island... been researching -"
* Yay for Penny and Des!
* "If anything goes wrong, Desmond Hume will be my constant." -Daniel's journal, which is full of awesome, including, apparently maps of time.

Next week: "Whatever he's doing, tell him to stop."

Hee, posting this on Leap Day, how fitting.

Man, time travel is goofy. So. Encountering the storm in the present affected his self back in 1996? How will this affect his visions of the future-future?

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