PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

many good reads today

"Sageman has collected [data] on more than 500 Islamic terrorists - to understand who they are, why they attack and how to stop them."

Joe Klein with today in Iraq, and with 'McCain's Iraq Fantasia.'

Good read: Robin D. Laws on news stories that impact childhood.

* Gas prices shoot up, compounding financial woes for consumers.
* Interesting. On NATO and Afghanistan.
* Angelina Jolie on a reason to stay in Iraq.
* Dana Milbank covers Exxon's day at the Supreme Court.
* A blackout in Florida as a sign of worse times to come?
* Doesn't sound like the Ark of the Covenant to me.
* Turns out Prince Harry has been stationed in Afghanistan.
* Making more video games that women want to play.
* answers your post-Oscars questions.
* Dark Horse takes the lead in publishing webcomics, including Perry Bible Fellowship and more.


Inside Skywalker Ranch.

Details on the new Terminator movie starring Christian Bale.

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