PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

my life in bullet points

Catching up, in brief:
- Hung out with a lovely young lady on Saturday evening. Brownies were made*, wine was drank, Mean Girls was re-watched, since we couldn't locate Pump up the Volume.**
- Sunday, picked up the Z-dawg, did a little clothes shopping and got some real finds on sale. Score. Watched Meet the Robinsons that evening, which was better (and stranger) than it had any right to be.
- Monday was pretty much a wash, except for book club, which was an exciting event. Thanks again to examorata for chauffeuring.
- Last night, after the cleanorama, watched Undead, which was... odd. Amusing in parts, terrible in parts, almost good in parts. Also, very Australian.

Rest of the week, in brief:
- Hanging out with pseudotheist tonight, something involving "teh Heroclix."
- Tomorrow, Lost, maybe sneak in some City of Heroes.
- Friday, board gamey.
- Saturday, hanging out with a certain someone someone, in theory.
- Sunday, more Z., new episode of Frisky Dingo.

* - not a metaphor.
** - yes, seriously.

Tags: 2008, bebe, movies, not news, tv

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