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"As President Bush and his aides reject the accusation that they are playing politics with matters of national intelligence, it's worth noting that they have done precisely that many times. Bush and his top associates have a tradition of selectively disclosing intelligence findings that serve their political agenda - while aggressively asserting the need to keep secret the information that would tend to discredit them.

Welcome to America, 2008: "Almost half of all Americans have moved away from childhood traditions to embrace other faiths - or no religion at all."

Why the West is all talk and no action on Darfur.

* The Army says it must cut combat tours. I'm sure Bush will jump right on that, since he always explains how he listens to his generals and all.
* Good read: a war we must end.
* The World Food Programme may have to ration food aid because of rising prices and a shortage of funds.
* "But Israel's experience shows that assassination – or what Israel terms 'targeted killing' – is a double-edged sword. The policy only pays off in a few special cases."
* Should we expect more from the candidates and the press on our foreign policy?
* An economist's idea to improve city life by focusing on the neighborhood.
* Interesting: is Obama getting adequate security?
* Hee. Eugene Robinson on Fox's Black Genius Camp.
* Cataloging every species on the planet in one encyclopedia.
* Also, the doomsday seed vault has opened.
* Oh, right. Complete list of Oscar winners.

Sechin Bajo: the oldest urban setting in the Americas.

The AVClub interviews Summer Glau.

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