PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Two good reads: "There's an odd disconnect about the situation in Iraq right now." Plus, the good news and the bad news from the war.

* Examining checks and balances, and Bush's relationship with Congress.
* Double standards: "Economic policy makers in developing countries couldn't help but raise an eyebrow as the United States began trying to mitigate its credit crunch."
* Shifting its policy, China looks towards Darfur.
* A look at Castro's legacy.
* Examining the differences between Clinton and Obama on the issues.
* "There is something about an election year that makes politicians start bragging about how many furry or feathered critters they've killed."
* "Texas, once the oil capital of North America, is rapidly turning into the capital of wind power."

The AVClub introduces a new blog on the new cult canon, and kicks it off right with Donnie Darko.

Tags: 2008, movies, news

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