PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Al Qaeda is on the run. That group of terrorists who attacked our country is slowly but surely being decimated.... They're not a problem anymore."
-President Bush, one week before the bombing in Riyadh

Don't forget, lunar eclipse tonight, visible across North America. Except around here, if weather reports hold up. Grr.

* Fishing has decimated the fish population.
* Health costs of obesity nearing that of smoking.
* Remind me again how much Microsoft has changed?
* Hey Iraq, if you don't want to get discouraged, don't look at Afghanistan.
* Speaking of shameful, what about our prisoners of war at Guantanamo? There's no way we would tolerate Americans getting that treatment from a foreign government.
* And whoah, we're authorizing our occupying troops to shoot looters on sight?
* Things that make me want to go stand in front of a bulldozer: Israel kills three Palestinian police in a raid on Gaza, then five more Palestinians during a march the next day.
* France calls US on 'unnamed administration sources,' one of the Bush administration's favorite tactics.
* While it's no surprise that GOP senators are selling influence, I still don't like reading it.
* Should we address inequality with the budget?
* Speaking of unemployment, we're in one of the worst hiring slumps in 20 years.
* Blacklists vs. spam.
* Computers able to understand context?
* Read about John Davis, the prolific secret producer, and find the surprise movie entering production.
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