PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on Lost...

The look of a man who has, in fact, totally been Schooby Doo'ed.

* Previously Nevermind.
* Eye. Locke. Breakfast and a book.

Ben: I've already read it.
Locke: Might catch something you missed the first time around.

* "So here we are. Just like old times!" -Henry Gale Ben
* Dharma mug, hee. Yes, I am an easy sell.
* Flash forward... and Kate is dressed like a girl.
* Some of the mob seems downright angry, including this guy.
* Trial. Not guilty! 'One of the most recognizable faces in America'
* Jin learned English so they could move to America.
* "You mean our baby." -Jin
* Kate wants to talk to Miles.
* Not a democracy!
* (Is it a cheerocracy?)
* "You totally just Scooby Doo'ed me, didn't you?" -Hurley
* And, boathouse. "Do you know who I am?" -Kate
* "I don't want to be let go. I'm exactly where I want to be." -Miles
* Just one minute of someone's time?
* "I want him in the courtroom."
* "You are not using my son." -Kate
* Insert "Can you hear me now? Good." joke.
* Day since the chopper left. Can't contact the boat.
* "Don't fire me, OK?" Jack! Pre-beard.
* Both M. and I love the judge, also.
* And, Jack's tale. Crash-landed on 'an island in the south Pacific.' Marshall died in the crash, Jack never talked to him. ONLY EIGHT SURVIVORS. Crashed in the water! And Kate took care of everyone and was the big hero!
* Wow. Seriously. Bombshell.
* "Do you love the defendant?" "No. Not anymore."
* 'Xanadu or Satan's Doom?' Hee roommates!
* Fascinating book for Sawyer to be reading, too.
* Wine in a box! Which is funny, since they had Dharma wine in bottles before.
* "You are terrible at this, Freckles." -Sawyer
* Backgammon!
* Oh, Sawyer, you devilish rogue.
* "You know who I am? You know who I work for?" -Miles
* Lie and tell them Ben's dead. For, uh, $3.2 million, which is probably a code or something. Because, random.
* "It's extortion, if you want to get technical." -Miles
* "Like I don't know who you are or what you can do."
* !
* One week... in cash?
* Freighter had the manifest and passenger list for 815.
* "You're not welcome here anymore." -Locke
* And, Kate's mom doesn't want to testify... but wants to see her grandson.
* Testing Daniel's memory, with Dharma playing cards. "Three cards, Charlotte? Is that progress?"
* Well, there's this other number for the boat... "I thought the helicopter was with you?!"

"My name is John Locke, and I am responsible for the well-being of this island."

* That was an awesome line. "Responsible" is such an interesting word. And note it's for 'the island', not for the people.
* (Though I thought the grenade thing was pretty lame, actually.)
* And, Kate's bugging out, again.
* Kate's a worldwide hero? "I have a child. I'm not going anywhere."
* Heard the story so many times.
* "I know why you don't want to see the baby, Jack."
* Nice house.
* Crazy wall robot thingies, too.
* "Hi Aaron."

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