PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"The Bush Administration repeatedly violated FISA and told telecom companies that it was ok to do so based on a crazy constitutional theory that the President couldn't be bound by the law."

"The U.S. Navy plans to take a shot Wednesday at destroying a faltering spy satellite before it can tumble to Earth and - possibly - release a cloud of toxic gas."

"The cult of personality is used in the pejorative. But recast as a different name — call it charisma — and, as Roosevelt and other examples show, it can be a critical element of politics and its practical cousin, governance. It just can’t be the only element."

* The Supreme Court refuses to hear domestic spying case, without comment. Feh.
* Legendary Cuban leader Fidel Castro has stepped down. More from Matt Frei here. Also, how Fidel's longevity points to a failed policy of embargo over here.
* Inside the insular intelligence culture at the CIA.
* One of the CIA's ambitious post-9/11 intelligence revamps has failed.
* On Saudi Arabia and... witchcraft.
* A collection of previously secret documents and artifacts related to the Kennedy assassination has been released.
* Are Americans hostile to knowledge?
* The Vatican is making the path to sainthood a little tougher.
* New headset to let gamers interact with the computer via brainwaves.

A new paper-thin material is the blackest black ever, which could lead to... cloaking devices. (Bonus: graphic.)

Target audience: checking out Paranoia Magazine.

In praise of the semicolon.

Tags: 2008, news, quotes, scary technology, science!
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