PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Something is seriously wrong with the way we pick our presidential candidates. But experts and pundits, caught up in the horse races, have been slow to point out the obvious - or come to accept our badly flawed system as immutable fact. This is no way to choose a president."

"Italy barely functions. Yet its people are happy. What explains this?"

* Dan Froomkin on the House taking a stand on warrantless wiretapping, and more.
* David Rees on candidates and cluster bombs.
* Candidates are never truly free from their pasts.
* eBay sellers stage a boycott.
* Shooting down the satellite will be a strong case of our missile defense theories.
* Wal-Mart will be exclusively Blu-Ray. So, is the war over?
* "More than half of the influenza cases in the United States this winter have been caused by strains that are not in the current vaccine."

Joel Achenbach has the bat news roundup.

Oh, Christopher Walken you so crazy.

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