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Previously, on Lost...


* Previously: "So this is the team?"
* And Sayid is meditating, or praying, or something.
* Bracelet. "N. I'll always be with you. R.G."
* "In case you zoned out while you were tweezing your goatee..." -Miles, who rules
* And, Sayid's a-golfing. "I was the recipient of a huge settlement." One of the Oceanic Six! And the dude is spooked. BLAM.
* And now he's looking sharp in Germany. Ilsa!
* Damn, he's smooth. "I'm a headhunter."
* Phone, tossed.
* Why was Naomi carrying the picture of Des, anyways?
* Ring of salt... but no cabin.
* "John's looking for somebody to tell him what to do next." -Ben
* "We're beyond compromise." -Locke
* "Sure I'm affected. She was hot and I dug her accent." -Miles
* And, a night at the opera.
* Daniel's putting... something together. "Fire the payload." He did this a lot on the boat? And, nothing. "That is far more than weird."
* "These people had daycare?" -Miles
* Hurley? WTF. "Locke's gone off the reservation, man."
* Hee, Red Sox.
* Meanwhile, Ben's house. And behind the bookcase... a hidden room. Clothes, cash, many passports (love the name.)
* Sawyer. Ambush! "Sorry dude."
* Oh, hi Ben.
* "I ain't looking to leave." -Sawyer
* "Iced tea?"
* Sayid won't talk about the crash, or what happened.
* "You have to leave Berlin."
* "His name is on a list."
* BLAM. Crap, triple cross! The same bracelet!
* And Sayid's back... with Charlotte. 'Kate decided to stay.' Traded for Miles, heh.
* Wait, that means Sawyer, Miles, and Ben are all in the same place. The snark will be legendary.
* "Just be sure you follow the exact bearing we came in on." -Daniel
* Takeoff!
* Kennel. "Is she dead?" "She wanted to know who I worked for."
* "These people don't deserve our sympathies."
* "I have another name for you."

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