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"But we have principles as a country, don't we? And laws? Even if torture would poll well, that doesn't make it right or legal." -Dan Froomkin, LiveOnline transcript

Earmark roundup: "Clinton secured more than $340M of special home-state projects in spending bills, while Obama had $91M; McCain rejected earmarks entirely."

Andrew Cohen on the trials of the Guantanamo 6. Also, destruction of evidence?

* FEMA admits health risks in their Katrina trailers. Nice.
* "Waterboarding is torture and has been clearly viewed as such for more than 100 years. A U.S. major was court-martialed in 1901 and sentenced to 10 years' hard labor for having used waterboarding against a prisoner in the Philippines. We have prosecuted enemy combatants for using it against our troops."
* Nicholas Kristof on those pesky hearts and minds we're not winning over.
* Who killed Imad Mughniyah?
* Scalia has this bad habit of talking in public about cases that come before the Supreme Court.
* Australia apologizes to the Aborigines. Sorry guys!
* Interesting interview with Rush Limbaugh.
* "The region's newest, largest and most expensive highway interchange failed dramatically Tuesday night, as many of the Springfield interchange's 50 ramps and sky-high overpasses were shut down by a tenth of an inch of ice."

Holy carp! "The Pentagon is planning to shoot down a broken spy satellite expected to hit the Earth in early March." interviews Paul Dini (bonus phrase: "that Innsmouth look.")

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