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"Ms. Kineston is among a number of American women who have reported that they were sexually assaulted by co-workers while working as contractors in Iraq but now find themselves in legal limbo, unable to seek justice or even significant compensation."

"The trials of six detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, will proceed under deeply flawed procedures that violate this country's basic fairness."

Super delegates crisis! "The elite party insiders will likely determine the Democratic presidential candidate. But should they vote as their constituencies did? Go with their own preferences? Or throw in with whoever leads?"

"Regardless of who wins the election this fall, the next president will face at least three wrenching decisions that could reshape the nation's tax system for years to come."

* "After years of refusing public comment on a particularly harsh CIA interrogation method, top Bush administration officials have suddenly begun pressing a controversial argument that it was legal for the CIA to strap prisoners to a board and pour water over their face to make them believe they were being drowned."
* "The only way to keep the economy going over the long run is to increase the wages of the bottom two-thirds of Americans."
* Scalia speaks out in favor of 'physical interrogations' and insults a lot of Europe, to boot. [UPDATE: oh, that's why. Because he's a big fan of Jack Bauer. Sigh.]
* Howard Kurtz analyzes Obama's Potomac trifecta. Also, will Virginia go blue in November.
* In search of "the establishment."
* Taking a fresh political look at In the Heat of the Night.
* Meet your new tiny flying dinosaur, Nemicolopterus crypticus.
* The AVClub presents 14 romantic comedies with romance- and comedy-killing gimmicks.
* Star cast for Terminator Salvation.
* Frank Miller signs on for two sequels to The Spirit.

The animated movie Star Wars: The Clone Wars will open in theaters on August 15th.

The AVClub interviews George Romero. Also, what's up next for Wes Craven.

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