PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"...If the American people have 'got to know' that torture gained information that prevented an attack, Bush needs to start making a better case. As I've written repeatedly, he has yet to offer any evidence that intelligence produced by torture thwarted a single plot or saved a single life. The media should demand that he back it up or take it back."

Glenn Greenwald on how the administration got away with illegal warrantless wiretapping.

* "...This revelation that the government felt the need for an interrogation do-over actually hurts the Bush Administration's case in the court of international public opinion."
* Underestimating al-Sadr.
* Bush puts a good idea into his speeches about supporting our troops, but then, you know, doesn't fund it. Nice.
* Oh, and don't forget that Bush is against earmarks, except when they're his earmarks.
* Opposing view: how McCain can win against Obama.
* Robin D. Laws on reading the signs at Starbucks.
* Looking to the future of the U.S. space plan.
* The Tolkien estate sues New Line.
* Today's headline: Surprising reasons you're not having sex

Revisiting Stalingrad.

The science of Nascar.

The AVClub interviews Dolph Lundgren.

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