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Burying a report that criticizes war planning in nearly every department and office that was involved. Because, you know, I'm sure the public wouldn't be interested in hearing those findings.

Separating facts on the ground from the administration's fictions about Afghanistan.

The old clerics in Iran are being pushed out for a younger, more reasonable generation.

* Defense Secretary Gates wants to keep the troops in Iraq. Bonus: recommended reading on the current state of affairs.
* Recognizing the quiet success of Israel.
* "You might think that the emergence of a potentially decisive bloc of disaffected voters would seize the attention of the two major parties."
* "Time and again, the media's preferred narratives for this campaign have collided with reality."
* Analysis: Ana Marie Cox with the current state of the election.
* Clinton dumps her campaign manager.
* Our allies in action: "Religious police in Saudi Arabia are banning the sale of Valentine's Day gifts including red roses."
* Netflix goes for Blu-Ray.
* Seriously, has the anti-Scientology movement just blossomed recently, or is something else going on?
* Congressman and Holocaust survivor Tom Lantos passed away.
* Actor Roy Scheider passed away.

"To unlock the secrets of the climax researchers are looking behind the scenes and into the nervous system, where the true magic happens."

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