PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

good-ish times

OK, back home, safe and sound.

3:30, we head up to Laurel Hospital. The emergency room is packed, so, screw that. We jot down to Patients First, getting there around 4. Pay up on some old bills, and wait. And wait. This will be the theme of the day.

(I did, however, make it through all of Nextwave volume 2. Which was every bit as face-kickingly good as the first.)

(Oh, and CNN was on in the waiting room, and I'm sorry to let you know, Mom, but Polaroid is going to stop making film for instant cameras.)

M. gets called back first, around 5:35. I'm right after her. I get a medieval flu test and strep test, both come back negative. The doc reports, however, that there's so many nasty flu bugs going around, the test doesn't always catch the current crop these days. She got one about a month back, and she had had the most up to date vaccine. Grand. Anyways. They put me on a basic antibiotic routine, just in case. Nothing to do for the viral but take care of myself until it rides itself out. Nothing for the headaches*. I'm done by 6.

Head into M.'s cubicle. She gets an x-ray (we had slightly different things going on,) and we wait. And wait. She finally gets her prescriptions and we are done done, just after 7. Yowzah.

* - I initially typed this as 'deadaches,' because I rule.

Tags: 2008, comic books, not news
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