PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

* Pentagon assessment says long tours keep military from improving ability to respond to new crisis.
* Justice Dept. says it cannot probe waterboarding. Says to me, in fact, exactly why we have special prosecutors.
* Nebraska Supreme Court rules the electric chair to be cruel and unusual punishment.
* Boo. Walkersville rejects Islamic center on pretty lame grounds.
* The Democratic contest might come down to super-delegate party insiders.
* Sarkozy has a plan to revive France's ghettos.
* "A sea-going robotic glider that harvests heat energy from the ocean has been tested by US scientists."
* Geologist Edward Ching-Te Chao passed away.
* Warcraft collectible miniatures game? In 40mm? WTF.

Tags: 2008, gaming, news, science!

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