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Previously, on Lost...


* Previously: "If you want to live, you need to come with me."
* Underwater. 'pulled the coordinates off this guy's map.'
* "It's... it's an airplane."
* Sunda Trench
* "Sam, why are you so upset?"
* Helicopter's in a bad way. One jumper, or, pushed. Gun!
* "I'm Daniel Farraday. I'm here to rescue you."
* Copter down. Lost his phone. Electrical storm, huh?
* (Zoe Bell and Jeff Fahey! Man.)
* So happy for the return of crazy Locke.
* Detour, cabin. "What did you say, Hugo?"

Sawyer: Mind telling me who you're taking your orders from, Colonel Kurtz?
Locke: I got them from Walt.

* Box. Gasmask! Man, he's a terrible liar.
* Rescue not primary objective. What the?!
* Locke told them that Ben shot him! Yay sharing information. Shot went through him, no kidney to hit! Awesome.
* Oh, hi Miles.
* Radio news report, all 324 passengers dead.
* Wait, Miles is a ghostbuster?!
* Heh. Naomi didn't have a sister.
* I'd like to thank Ben for proving he's still awesome.
* The light is strange? It doesn't scatter correctly? Uh, sure.
* Oh, hi Sayid. Nice timing.
* Tatooine Tunisia. Dig? Skeleton? ZOMG polar bear. With a Hydra Station collar! Wow.
* Daniel's tie is cracking me up, I note. Way to dress up for the rescue!
* Miles not-surprised reaction, hee.
* "Did you have him here on the island?" Way to blow your cover, lady.
* "See, there's your problem. We don't want to be found." -Locke
* Aquarium. Captain Ron? Hey, not the right pilot. "Because I was supposed to be flying Oceanic 815 that day."
* Flare!
* "What's wrong with you people?"
* "Sure, who are we to argue with Taller Ghost Walt?" -Sawyer
* Bullet-proof vest!
* Frank! Chopper!
* "So this is your team?" -Naomi
* 'high risk covert op in dangerous territory'
* "There were no survivors."
* "You weren't on that plane, were you?" -Frank
* "She's a native."
* "We're here for Benjamin Linus!" -Miles
* "What is the Monster?" -Locke
* "Her name is Charlottle Lewis." -Ben
* "These people are a threat... I know what they want."
* "I have a man on their boat." Again, with the awesome.

Neat little episode. The make-up of the 'rescue crew' is so weird: a ghostbuster, an anthropologist, the pilot who should have been flying, etc.

Tags: not news, tv
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