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On Sunday, Z. and I sat down to watch Superman: Doomsday. It was decent. I wasn't a big fan of changing the cast from the JLU TV show, but the new crew did a good job. (Spike, for one, made a much smarmier [and creepier!] Lex. But Lex will always be the Kurgan to me.) The storyline changes actually helped it, as well. Doomsday is still just a plot device, but leaving aside the whole 'rise of the Supermen' angle made for a much closer story. They *almost* tied in Bizarro, and that would have been an improvement, but I wager they did it to make the story for the movie more concise and self-contained. Which is fine.

What I didn't expect was the graphic violence. Now, mind you, none of it was on screen. (I mean, except Superman dying, of course.) Wow. I mean, once Doomsday emerges, he kills dozens of people. And it's off-screen, but it's right off-screen, and there's no doubt as to what happens. And one of the news reports is, in fact, about a little kid being killed by Doomsday in a rampage. There's not much blood, but it's used a couple times, very effectively. It was a bit of a surprise, in the long run. [EDIT: oh, hey, I didn't even notice the PG-13 rating.]

(Z. didn't have a problem with any of this, but we did stop the movie once so I could help her catch up on the plot.)

Did I mention the slugfest with Doomsday was ten minutes of pure fight scene? It was, in fact, a treat. And the movie wasn't even half-over then.

Also on the DVD was a pretty decent documentary about the Death of Superman as a comics event. Very interesting hearing a lot of insiders talking about how they came to the decisions they did, and how the whole thing took shape. Great for comic book fans.

So, I dug it. Won't be buying it, but glad I saw it. If you liked the other DC cartoons, check it out. (Netflix link here.)

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