PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Today's top read is the Friday column by Dan Froomkin.

Some top quotes from the article:

"It's a central tenet of neoconservative theory that weakness invites attack. But fear of looking weak alone is not a good basis for decision-making - especially when your misbegotten attempts to show strength actually make you look weaker than you would have otherwise. Indeed, it's hard to imagine anything that could have damaged America's international reputation more than the invasion of Iraq under false pretenses, combined with a bungled, divisive and horribly violent occupation with no end in sight. As the administration's own national intelligence estimate last year made clear, the war in Iraq has actually strengthened our real enemies - while stretching our armed forces to the limit. In fact, there is a compelling argument to be made that leaving Iraq would restore our image and achieve more of our national security interests than staying. Finally, America - the world's sole hyperpower - is hardly in danger of being perceived as a paper tiger. It's an astonishing suggestion to be bandied about by the president of the United States."


"Former U.S. Sen. Lincoln Chafee's new political memoir is remarkable for its candor, its delicious window into life in America's most exclusive club, and its condemnation of President Bush and the combination of right-wing Republicans and Democratic enablers who plunged the nation into an ill-fated war without end in Iraq... The book excoriates Mr. Bush and his GOP allies who repeatedly fanned such wedge issues as changing the U.S. Constitution to ban gay marriage, abortion and flag-burning. But he saves some of his harshest words for Democrats who paved the way for Mr. Bush to use the U.S. military to invade Iraq."


"Besides overstating successes in Afghanistan, painting a rosy future for Iraq, and touting unfinished domestic objectives, [the President] again used his favorite tactic - fear - as a tool to scare Congress and the American people. On one issue in particular - FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) - the president misconstrued the truth and manipulated the facts... For this president, fear is an easier political tactic than compromise. With FISA, he is attempting to rattle Congress into hastily expanding his own executive powers at the expense of civil liberties and constitutional protections... While he has failed in spreading democracy, stemming global terrorism, and leaving the country better off than when he took power, he did achieve one thing: successfully perpetuating fear for political gain... Sadly, it may be one of the only achievements of his presidency."

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