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Previously, on Lost...

You've got the shine, boy!

* Previously: "You're not supposed to do this." -Locke
* Fruit! High speed chase. Nice breakfast, Jack.
* Hurley! "Don't you know who I am? I'm one of the Oceanic Six!"
* Freaked out in a convenience store. Celebrity?
* "You want to know a funny coincidence?" Ana-Lucia's old partner, heh. "Sorry, I never met her." -Hurley
* Mirror becomes underwater window. Charlie?! WHOAH. Hurley wants back in the 'nuthouse.'
And, flashback. Rose!
* "I need you to do me a favor. I need you to get Alex and get as far away from here as possible." -Ben
* Bernard! Cannonball!
* "The people on the boat aren't who they say they are." -Desmond
* "WHERE'S CHARLIE?!" -Hurley
* Can you put Naomi on? Heh. Eep, body gone! Crawled away? Sure.
* Meanwhile, the beach crew is arming up.
* Connect Four. Oceanic attorney. Upgrade facilities? (Hey, check out the blackboard in the room.) "Are you fine, Mr. Reyes?"
* "Are they still alive?"
* (Ooh, bonus art.)
* And, Hurley's lost. House! Dog painting! LIGHT!
* "Better call the boat and tell them she's getting a really big bundle of firewood." -Ben
* Kate took the phone! And man, Ben's rubbing it in. He's cracking me up this whole episode.
* "What do you mean you're looking for her?!" -George
* House! EEE JACOB (or... Christian?) EYE
* HOUSE AGAIN! "There's nothing here!"
* "Hello Hugo." -Locke
* (Special message from Oceanic Airlines, huh?)
* "You got yourself good and lost out here, Hugo." -Locke
* "Jack should never have called those people." -Hugo
* And, the crew returns. Rambo, hee. Happy reunion... except Hurley tells Claire.
* Art, eskimo, igloo. Charlie! "Don't do what you did in the store."
* "I am dead. But I'm also here." Slap!
* "They need you, Hugo." -Charlie
* "It's not loaded." -Locke (oh, snap.) (wow.)
* "All I did, all I have ever done, has been in the best interests of everyone." -Locke
* And, heading to the barracks. "If you want to live, you need to come with me." Heh, Ben too.
* "I'm listening to my friend. I'm listening to Charlie." -Hurley
* And, rapid weather change, as the survivors split, again.
* Meanwhile, in the future, basketball. Jack! Signing autographs, considering a beard.
* "What are you really doing here, Jack?" -Hurley
* Wanted to see if he went nuts, 'if he was going to tell.'
* "I'm sorry I went with Locke; I should have stayed with you." -Hurley
* "I think it wants us to come back, and it's doing everything it can -"
* Wreckage. "How did this happen?" -Jack
* Helicopter, parachute. "Are you Jack?"

Next week: "I'll tell you why we're here."

As with previous seasons, mad props to Sledgeweb and Lost-Media, because I steal their pics all the time.

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