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"Conservatives like to say that the court's conservative justices believe in applying the law, not making it. But in recent years, the court's majority has been reading federal anti-discrimination laws far more narrowly than Congress intended - not applying the law, but unmaking it."

Yeesh. Mukasey still refuses to discuss waterboarding. As though it'll make the story go away.

Why the failure of health care reform in California is big news for the rest of the country.

* In case you missed it, Putin is not even pretending anymore.
* Increasing fuel prices push up airline fees for passengers.
* The FBI is beginning to investigate the subprime crisis.
* Primary news: Edwards is out, Giuliani is out. Can McCain unify the party? Also, Dana Milbank on Clinton's not-victory party in Florida.
* Ouch! "In many ways, it's much worse coming from the Republicans, because Bush and his cronies have legitimized left-liberalism in ways that even Clinton could not (and did not)..."
* McDonalds in England to offer school credit for its employees.
* A history buff unexpectedly recovers some rare stolen historic treasures.
* "A study of twins found those who were physically active during their leisure time appeared biologically younger than their sedentary peers."
* "Chameleons first used colour change to make them more noticeable rather than, as is popularly believed, to blend in."
* Miyazaki's new film comes out in Japan this July.
* More casting info for G.I.Joe, including... Zartan.
* So, where did all the hot Russian chicks come from?

Turns out the Tunguska asteroid wasn't as big as initially thought.

Sam Raimi to bring Terry Goodkind's bestselling epic fantasy series to television this fall.

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