PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

OK, second to last episode, and it was pretty decent, except for That One Scene.

* Buffy pulls the sword axe from the stone? Weird (and unsubtle) implication.
* Oh, a s00per Axe, I get it.
* Damn, I was hoping that neander-vamp would kill Kennedy.
* The worst part is, Andrew's joke about keeping up morale being important, it really is. ANYways.
* Andrew and Anya getting dr0nk! Hee hee.
* Giles, how do you know the axe is pre-Christian?
* Xander takes Dawn. Yay.
* Caleb merges with the First. Uhn. But, at least we know where he's getting his power.
* Yay, it *is* Faith's Axe! She's the Slayer, you're just an... anomaly! Grr.
* DAMNIT, IT'S NOT A SCYTHE, IT'S AN AXE. Don't make me find some clip art illustrations.
* [Here there was a lame, lame scene between Buffy and Spike. I won't mention it.]
* Instead, I will reiterate how awesome Anya and Andrew are.
* Exhibit A: "You loooooooove them."
* Exhibit B: Wheelchair fight!
* Dawn, you stupid, stupid girl. You and Xander are supposed to go start creating a new Watchers' Council.
* Wait, what pyramid in the cemetery? RQ's comment: "They buried the last Pharaoh of Sunnydale there."
* Guardians, who watch the Watchers. OK. Fought the last pure demon there. OK, cool. More meta-mythology. "We're the last surprise." Thank you, meta-commentary.
* Angel!

"Thank god we're hot chicks with super powers." -Faith
Tags: tv
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