PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"The nation George W. Bush described in his final State of the Union address to Congress bore a fairly strong resemblance to the nation as we knew it back in, say, 2003, but it could not be passed off as a vision of the America we see in January 2008."

"I bet the Republican candidates, in their heart of hearts, wish Bush hadn't given a State of the Union last night. It wasn't anything he said, but that he said it to a national audience."
-Howard Kurtz

* Here's your top review by Tom Shales.
* LATimes analysis: "a short-term scramble for a long-term legacy."
* NYTimes analysis: familiar ideas and a return to domestic issues.
* Soaring rhetoric and no apologies.
* "Mr. Bush still has a year left - and many serious problems to address. It is time, finally, for him to put aside the partisanship, the bluster and the empty rhetoric. The state of the union is troubled. The nation yearns for leadership."
* Finally, a last look from BAGnewsNotes.

Ouch. "The Associated Press looks at Bush's Gallup Poll approval ratings from around the time of each State of the Union speech. From 2002 to present, there's been a steady decline: 84, 60, 53, 51,43, 36 - and now 32."

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