PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"New Orleans has yet to rebuild a single fire station more than two years after Katrina destroyed or damaged 22 of the city's 33 firehouses."

Good read: Joe Klein on FISA reform, and why it's taking so long.

"Two AI pioneers. Two bizarre suicides. What really happened?" (Courtesy warmaster.)

* "With its international mandate in Iraq set to expire in 11 months, the Bush administration will insist that the government in Baghdad give the United States broad authority to conduct combat operations and guarantee civilian contractors specific legal protections from Iraqi law."
* "As long as Israel keeps us locked in a siege, we will keep this border open with Egypt."
* Oh, and the government of Italy fell over.
* Analysis: the stimulus package sounds pretty familiar. Oh, and if you're in to reading the tea leaves, the price of gold has hit another high.
* Funny story: that whole subprime loan crisis? Here's more on the government's involvement.
* What's that? The current recession might be tied to spending on Iraq? What a novel idea!
* Republicans split on how to keep pork barrel spending under control.
* I'm now blaming Heath Ledger's death on Terry Gilliam's curse.

New evidence from the Stardust spacecraft is changing how we think about comets and asteroids.

Sayonara, Dr. Dremo's.

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