PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Good times catching up with mscongeniality last night, including tasty delivery Chinese food and some television. I'm pretty vocal about my dislike for old Dr. Who, but gave it another shot last night (with this and that) and I have to admit, it's goofy, but fun. Not taking it seriously helps (see also.) It also helps that I've been in a pulp scifi mood these days. And surprised as I am to have an opinion on something like this, but Patrick Troughton was totally cracking me up, as Doctors go.

Three other TV notes that I keep meaning to mention:

Sarah Conner Chronicles, you've got my attention, now keep it up.

Props to Adult Swim for showing the Boondocks episode about the return of Martin Luther King on Martin Luther King Day. It's quality stuff, seriously.

Last week's Psych had both Herbert Viola from Moonlighting *and* Buffy's mom, which blew my mind.

Tags: 2008, not news, tv

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