PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

So. At the hospital yesterday, I got to stand behind the big leaded wall while M. got her x-rays. And back there was a sort of employees' bulletin board, next to the phone for the room. I'm just, you know, glancing around like I do, and I run across a list of codes next to the phone for different situations. Now, thanks to generations of hospital shows on TV, we all know that Code Blue means a patient is crashing. But man, this list took a turns towards awesome. Reprinted (no cell cam pics allowed, sadly):

Code Blue ... Patient Arrest
Code Yellow ... Hazmat
Dr. Redstat ... Fire Emergency
Dr. Duck ... Bomb Threat
Mr. Atlas ... Aggression Management

I'd like to say I'd notice them paging a Dr. Duck, but then again I didn't notice our doctor was named Wang Koon until we had left the building.

Tags: not news, two-fisted tales

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