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DAMNIT. NandoTimes is shutting down. This is gonna hamper my search for indepedant newz sources.

So, I didn't have any plans this week. So I asked about plans. And then I had plans, sorta. But I didn't confirm, as I was hoping to make more specific plans, but then found out from the person I shoulda just asked in the first place that they already had plans, so I ended up with no plans! There's a moral here, but damned if I will learn anything from it.

Yesterday, after mowing the lawn (via weewhacker) I sat down to watch Castle in the Sky. And promptly fell asleep on the couch. Sigh.

Freshly updated: get your war on ('Have You Seen My Book of Virtues?')

"SARS has been our country's 9/11. It has forced us to pay attention to the real meaning of globalization." SARS shaking up Chinese society, for the long run.

Check here for Angel info. It's gonna be back in the fall!

Some info on NBC's fall lineup. Whoopi? Blah. Coupling? Interesting. Ooh, and the wrath of Caan. Oh, and get ready for three more seasons of E/R. While we're here, ABC's uphill climb for their fall schedule.

* Blah blah, record deficit, blah blah blah.`
* Wait, the weapon hunters in Iraq are operating without translators or scientific help?
* Wait, what secret talks between the US and Iran?
* Israel apparently trying to show the world it doesn't want peace. Grr grr.
* Europe won't be fooled by the US again. (OR WILL IT?)
* Check your milk cartons for 59 missing Texan Democrats. (jury is out on this one for me.)
* What the hell? Civilian members of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board have been put on NASA's payroll so the panel can use government secrecy regulations to withhold testimony about the space shuttle disaster.
* Speaking of, NASA heading back to Mars, to get to the water this time.
* RIAA using guerilla tactics against piracy.
* Cyberpunk isn't dead: US to rely on private companies' satellite images.
* Man, school plays have changed.
* Today's scariest headline: U.K. doctors reportedly took 20,000 brains without consent.
* Pain I know: spammed by mom.
* More signs of The End.

Fortune Cookie: "An imaginary illness is worse than a real one."
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