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"Scientists have been warning for years that overfishing is degrading the health of the oceans and destroying the fish species on which much of humanity depends for jobs and food."

White collar crisis: long-term joblessness spreads in the middle class.

* Even after the war's official end, the death rate in the Congo remained steady.
* "If the world economy were a train, we'd now have a greater number of engines pulling that train... However, the biggest engine is still the U.S., and as a result, the speed of that train depends on it."
* Good read by Roger Cohen, on the economy, our wallets, being a debtor nation, and more.
* So, uh, what if there's no clear winner after Super Tuesday?
* Corporate sponsorship of the political debates? Ugh. maybe next election, the candidates will have logos on their jackets, like NASCAR drivers.
* The Fact Checker on Bill Clinton's statements about Obama.
* Why Fred Thompson's campaign failed. More from John Dickerson here.
* "The line outside the bathroom at the National Portrait Gallery has been out the door ever since museum officials decided to hang a portrait of late-night host Stephen Colbert in between the men's and women's restrooms."
* Robin D. Laws names his top ten movies of 2008 2007.
* Positive reviews for Turok.

Why we flirt.

"Unbreakable: 18 film stars impervious to box-office flops"

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