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"If you're running for president in the U.S. this year, take note: your predecessor has come and gone on a Middle East visit, and the region may be the worse for it. Learn these lessons from President Bush's handling of the Middle East, or else you too may find your presidency mired in military and diplomatic quagmires that you will pass to your own eventual successor."

Good read: two views on progress and the future in in Iraq.

Nice. A speech on unity by Barack Obama.

* Analysis: the administration scaled down its foreign ambitions.
* Gaza's power plant is shut as Israeli blockades take their toll.
* The perils of trying to get girls an education in Afghanistan.
* Abu Aardvark on changes in the Sunni community in Iraq.
* "Mocking the ethics law simply fuels a cynicism that can only make future ethics battles harder."
* Petraeus as NATO chief? Not seeing it.
* On journalism: "Isn't the news itself still valuable to anyone?"
* Howard Kurtz on the candidates and the media.
* Duncan Hunter drops out of the Republican field. Prompting people to try and remember which one he was.
* Scientists uncover evidence of ancient Antarctic volcanic eruption.

So, uh, how are soap operas still on during the strike?

Good read: on DC Comics, infinite Crises, and branding. (Courtesy warmaster.)

The Razzie nominations are announced.

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