PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

After a quick trip to the Closet O' Comics (well, quick for me) and some take-home food from Ye Olde Jungle Grille, got a surprise guest in the form of Sailor Tork! She delivered a fine, fine bebe present from the New York Trippers (yay!) and sat and hung out with us for a bit thereafter. Was very keen, I don't get to spend enough time with her these days.

Thereafter, RQ and I watched some movie called The Matrix. It's got this crazy plot which would just take too long to explain, and stars one of the guys from </b>Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey</b> (I think it's Ted. It's the one who wasn't in Lost Boys.) Anyways, people fly around and stuff, it might have gone straight to video. Anyone else seen it?

Tomorrow, I mow the lawn. And that's not a metaphor.

Huh, no plans for a night out this week. Time to start asking around tomorrow. Monday, Wednesday or Thursday would be best.

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