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"There is much cause for outrage over the White House's brazen disregard for federal public records law, which may well have resulted in the destruction of millions of official e-mails. But today's focus on the recycling of backup tapes may actually be a bit of a red herring." -Dan Froomkin (Always a good read.)

Whoah. The arrest of a man protesting Cheney has lead to a Secret Service scandal.

"The early retirement of a lieutenant colonel ordinarily wouldn't merit the slightest mention. But today's news that Lt. Col. John Nagl is leaving the Army is a big deal." (More from Joe Klein here.)

* On the ground in the aftermath of a bombing in Kabul, and what it could mean for the future.
* Questioning progress in Iraq. (Plus bonus questions!)
* Man, the FEMA trailers issue is still going on.
* "This is the cavernous hole in anti-immigration policy that its proponents want to cover with chain link and razor wire."
* Oh, and: "Legal immigrants will have to wait much longer during the next two years to receive visas or naturalization papers."
* It's (virtually) official: no impeachment.
* On Fred Thompson and Africa.
* Bobby Fischer passed away.

The strike puts the Justice League movie on hold, possibly indefinitely.

Wild Cards returns to comics and gaming.

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