PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Voters in the 2008 elections need to hear in detail how the presidential candidates intend to wrestle the sprawling homeland security apparatus into sync with the true state of the terrorist threat."

On the ground in Kenya.

* Bush strengthens his wording on the Israeli-Palestinian crisis. Nice. Let's see if he sticks to it, though. Mr. Froomkin isn't optimistic.
* Backtracking: when the Pentagon said Iranian boats threatened our ships in the Gulf, what they meant was...
* Disgraced Congressman Doolittle set to retire.
* Do the Republicans need fresh ideas?
* Casting for the Cirque du Freak movie. Also, Bale & Depp 4evah?
* A positive review of the new Terminator show.
* Sir Edmund Hillary passed away.

New D&D anthology comic? Sure.

USAToday covers the Spider-man "One More Day" controversy.

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