PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

So, yes. Wednesday evening, hit the Rams Head in Baltimore for the first time. It's got a very similar layout to the new 930 Club (which, at some point, I have to stop calling "new," as it's been a while now) but much, well, taller. It's a pretty nice venue, though, I confess.

And who were we there to see? The Wu Tang Clan. I'm not huge into their music, but I have to admit, they put on a damn good show. A lot of that was due to Method Man, who was a bundle of energy, and had the crowd eating out of his hand from the get-go. Seriously, I've seen artists dive from the stage before, but I have never seen one do a front flip from the stage, or literally walk out into the crowd (with the crowd holding him aloft by his feet) before. And he kept up this level of energy almost the whole show.

girlie47 and I stuck to the upper deck, where we were directly above and to the right of the stage. (safetypup and maroonmd headed down to the floor, of course.) We had fun trying to guess who was who on stage, since neither of us were too familiar with them.

So yeah, good fun. Thanks again to our benefactors for the generous gift!

Tags: 2008, clubbing, not news

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