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Great read: "The Bush/Rove strategy of accentuating divisions along partisan lines was a bold gamble that ultimately failed, because it depended on the Bush presidency being successful."

Andrew Cohen on the Supreme Court's lethal injection case, and what the ruling will and won't do.

* Blackwater used chemical weapons on our own troops, but it turns out there was no rule against that. Whoops!
* Former CIA officials want immunity in the CIA torture tape case.
* Realism intrudes: another bold new direction for our Iraq strategy.
* More bad news found by reading between the lines in Iraq.
* No-bid comedy: more evidence of corruption within Bush's Justice Department.
* Howard Kurtz on the media's failure in New Hampshire.
* I don't know how I feel about Kerry endorsing Obama.
* Are we in store for a retail real estate market crash?
* The Jules Verne readies for its trip to the space station.

Where's the protection when big companies steal your personal photos online?

Say what now? I'm all for collectibles, but will people really buy cute little toys based on Platoon?

Tags: 2008, news, quotes, science!

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