PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

amusing bebe trick

OK, I didn't think it was impressive, but my mom said it was, so for your reading enjoyment:

Zoe tze bebe has a new and exciting trick. When placed on her back on the floor, she can roll over onto her stomach of her own volition. Very exciting! Except, she really doesn't like lying on her stomach (as we uncovered early on, when trying to get her to sleep) and so once on her stomach, she will commence screaming her fool head off. See, she can't roll back the other way.

On a related note, when on her stomach and not crying a lot, she will try to crawl. Which is partially effective, as she has strong legs and can kick vaguely efficiently to gain mobility. Unfortunately, her arms don't quite work properly yet, at least not with any strength or coordination, so they get stuck under her in pretty short order, and the attempt at crawling fails at that point. Highly humorous.

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