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"Hanuman is the original superhero. He is thousands of years older than Superman, Spider-Man and Batman." Hindu gods and goddesses gain new popularity in myth-based animation.

Interesting (and positive) developments in Iran. Also, a good read on the brinkmanship in the Gulf.

Why voter-ID laws are pointless distractions, at best.

* Judge orders White House to reveal information about missing e-mails. Isn't it embarrassing that it's come to this point?
* Nice: Obama, not quite busy enough, takes time out for some diplomacy to Kenya.
* FCC to investigate Comcast interfering with its customers' net traffic.
* Heh. Foreign reporters try to explain our primaries.
* VA news: Allen won't seek second term as governor.
* What trees soak up the most carbon?
* Cool new information about dinosaur skin.
* Hasbro to acquire Cranium.

More strike news: NBC 'scales down' the Golden Globes broadcast.

Welcome to America, 2008: "While the DVD market did experience its first decline, it still generated more sales in 2007 than music, videogames, or the theatrical box office."

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