PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

More 2007 wrapup

* Brilliant! The Bush administration's dumbest legal arguments of the year.
* No seriously: a fancy list of 'Bush administration officials who have been indicted, convicted or have pled guilty; resigned because of investigations or allegations of impropriety; failed to get nominated because of scandal; or been notified they are under investigation but are still serving.' (Bonus: keeping track of all the scandals!)
* The Fact Checker presents the Pinocchio Awards for 2007.
* Some of the best quotes of the year.
* Hollywood continued to face poor attendance at the box office, never a good sign.
* Heh. Bill Maher presents the dickheads of the year awards. (Courtesy asimplelife.)

Tags: 2007, defend your thesis, movies, news, quotes

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