PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Tragically, my downfall was not drinking. My downfall was wearing socks on the wooden steps. I slipped on the fourth step from the bottom, and bashed my right hip and cracked the back of my skull. I was sobered up pretty instantly, and my trusty friends totally made sure I didn't have a concussion. No matter, though, because my night was over right away. Sorry I didn't get to stay up for the rest of the event, and sorry I didn't get to say goodnight to anyone. The skull is still pounding, but I am pretty sure nothing is really fractured. Pretty sure. Mostly.

Nevertheless, the party was pretty darn magnificent. Many thanks to our hosts (and our babysitters, at that.) A lovely time was had chatting with awesome people, and blowing noisemakers inches from their ears. The new year was rung in well.

Also, apologies to everyone I didn't get to drunk dial last night. We tried for about an hour to make outgoing calls, but just couldn't get a signal. It's like everyone was at parties and trying to call their friends or something. I think I will make up for it by drinking a lot tonight and calling people at midnight.

Tags: 2008, not news
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