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As previously noted, we caught Sweeney Todd last week, and I was pretty pleased. I'm no fan of the musical, but I think they did an excellent job with it. The actors clearly weren't professional singers, no, but they all sounded decent. And Tim Burton definitely put his stamp on the scenery and the (goth-club-ready) costumes. I might be an easy mark for that sort of thing, but there it is. Definitely worth seeing, and IMHO worth seeing on the big screen with the good sound systems. Check it out.

New trailers:
* The Ruins - These new generation horror movies are all starting to look alike. However: Iceman!
* Stop-Loss - WOW. I was blown away that they actually made a big budget, wide-release of that. Downright subversive, most excellent. However, I still won't be seeing it. Heh. Bonus: Sheriff Bullock!
* Mamma Mia! - Yes, they filmed the ABBA musical. Heh. Bonus: the wrath of Skarsgard!
* Fool's Gold - No. No, no, no. M.'s cousin and I were making fun of the poster in the lobby. The trailer, in fact, makes it only look worse. Bonus: Donald Sutherland pays rent for another month, and they nail another nail in the career of Matthew McConaughey.
* The Eye - Another remake of a Hong Kong horror flick. Looks like the other ones, too. Bonus: Parker frikkin' Posey.

Also, before the trailers, we got a commercial for American Gladiators, and I was definitely in the half of the audience that was 'eminently pleased.'

Tags: clubbing, movies, not news, tv

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