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On this day in 1961, Federal Communications Commission chairman Newton N. Minow condemned television programming as a "vast wasteland" in a speech to the National Association of Broadcasters.

Man, I haven't had update time all week, it's weird. I am sure you are all starving for news URLs! (Or, not.)

Last night, Agent Dieter and Toltec invited RQ, tze bebe and myself over for dinner, which was damn tasty, and a movie, which was less so. We watched Happiness. Written and directed by Todd "Welcome to the Dollhouse" Solondz, so you kind of know what you're in for. Randomly a great cast, though; I don't want to say they were wasted in this directionless piece, but I'm glad I saw it so I won't be wondering later. (Much like The Doom Generation, one of the few movies I can compare this to.) There were some funny parts, but, yeah. I can declare Phillip Seymour Hoffman the hardest working Joe Don Baker in show business, that's for sure.

[On an unrelated and enigmatic note, some interesting developments this week, over things from before. Some people just understand each other really well, but that doesn't eliminate the fear of miscommunication. And stuff.]

Today on SomethingAwful's Photoshop Phriday: "Superhero Movies."

Quote of the day: "Obviously, English isn't their first language."

Thanks Aztec, for this:
Great for all you new teachers out there!
hoochie mama
n. More than just a hoochie. A hoochie of hoochies. Someone who 
excels in all the qualities of hoochidom. "Yo... you ain't nothin but a 
hoochie mama!"

MP3: Fat Boy Slim (featuring Bootsy Collins,) "Illumination"
Fortune Cookie: "Give a hug to someone who needs one more than you."

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