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"A bracing text for this Christmas week is the famous correspondence between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Their letters are a reminder that the Founders were men of the Enlightenment - supreme rationalists who would have found the religiosity of much of our modern political life quite abhorrent."

Why science rocks: the top ten new organisms of 2007. (Courtesy reese99.)

* LATimes obituary for Benazir Bhutto.
* Analysis: "The assassination highlighted, in spectacular fashion, the failure of two of President Bush's main objectives in the region." Also, a new role for American diplomacy in Pakistan.
* An uncertain outlook for Musharraf as well.
* Looking at the future of Pakistan after the assassination. Also, who was behind the killing?
* How much time did each candidate spend speaking in the debates?
* Rudy Giuliani's two Americas.
* How about a graphic novel anthologies of stories based on songs by Tori Amos?
* Speechless: "Macho makeover for Hello Kitty"

Peter Berg signs for a new big-screen version of Dune.

Happy birthday, Stan Lee!

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