PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Tonight on Angel the MoG get an offer they can't refuse. And I can't figure out why they were even mulling it over!

Er, maybe that's just me. And maybe that's why the Bad Guys don't want me! I don't play hard-to-get enough! Anyways. (I need me a Wolfram & Hart LJ icon!)

* Yay limo! Yay offer! YAY LILAH!
* Whoah, when did Wesley become Batman? But, love the wrist shooty things. And love that the writers remembered them.
* Hee, yeah, burning the contract, I'm sure it's that easy.
* Yay White Room! Kitty! Gunn gets much needed character developments, it seems. Or, possibly, just super powers.
* Connor taking hostages? WTF?
* OK, so, Angel signed on because he wanted Connor to have a nice family life? So, if WRH could erase a Champion's memories and give him a nice quiet home and happy family, how does anyone oppose them? Like, ever? And, why did Angel think they'd play above the board? I'm *sure* it's an evil family, and they will bring C. out of retirement when they need him.

All in all, I color it a fine, fine season ender.

"You want to give us your evil law firm?" -Gunn

"Come on Charlie, let me show you around the Chocolate Factory." -Lilah
Tags: tv
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