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Oh, ferchrissakes: "The Federal Election Commission will effectively go dark on Jan. 1 because Congress remains locked in a standoff over the confirmation of President Bush's nominees to the panel. As a consequence, the FEC will enter 2008 with just two of six members - short of the four votes needed for the commission to take any official action."

Conspiracy theorists, start your engines: the FBI is building the granddaddy of all biometrics databases. (Bonus: graphic!)

And speaking of conspiracy theories: continuing the fight against, uh, fluoridated water.

* The Sept. 11 commission says the CIA's withholding of evidence should be investigated. The CIA, of course, says it cooperated. By not telling them about the classified tapes. Or something.
* Is Jordan actually looking to reform, or just put on a better show?
* "Evangelical change: Americans are losing faith in fire and brimstone merchants"
* Tony Blair converts to Catholicism.
* End of a weird era: only one of the Singing Senators remains.
* "Chinese archaeologists have raised a merchant ship which sank in the South China Sea 800 years ago while transporting a cargo of precious porcelain."
* Zombies in the uncanny valley: the new Resident Evil movie will be CGI. (Courtesy venkelos.)

Sacha Baron Cohen retires Borat and Ali G.

Nice! Target markets menswear inspired by David Bowie.

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