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Good read: Dan Froomkin on Bush's weak denials in the CIA torture tapes scandal.

Follow-up of the day: the coming book deal on the 2002 New Hampshire phone-jamming scandal. Ugh.

Analysis: a reporter reflects on five years spent in the warzone of Iraq.

* "The central bankers fear that the stressed financial system could pull the world economy into a deep recession."
* al Qaeda takes questions from reporters.
* Chris Cillizza has no clue who will win the Republican primaries. Or how. More commentary here.
* Dana Milbank says goodbye to Tancredo. Also, Huckabee by the letters.
* Examining the role of stem cells in the growth and spread of cancer.
* Stewart and Colbert cross the picket lines.
* More G.I.Joe casting.

The Explainer on how to catch a fugitive.

How did movie zombies get so fast?

I'm all over today's Cat and Girl.

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