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"For nearly the past 40 years, the Southern Baptist Convention has devoted considerable effort to teaching its members about the dangers of Mormonism. In fact, probably no other organization in the nation has played a bigger role in perpetuating the idea that Mormonism is a cult than the Southern Baptist Convention."

Examining the Zubaida case: "Bush's Exhibit A in defense of torture may in fact be an exhibit for the prosecution."

* Torture tapes, redux: more on what the White House knew, and when they knew it.
* A Congressional ethics board without subpoena power?
* The Democrats' first year back in power isn't exactly auspicious.
* "There's nothing subtle about the candidates' waving of the cross in the presidential contest."
* Huh. David Brooks all but endorses Obama. Also, Obama names his own 'axis of evil.'
* Follow-up: remember how Bush opened military air space to ease Thanksgiving congestion? Is anyone surprised that delays were, in fact, worse this year?
* DC gets its own quarter! Thanks, uh, Puerto Rico.

Heh. The Explainer with the questions they didn't answer in 2007.

The ten most memorable quotes of 2007. (Biden gets the deuce!)

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