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The atheist delusion: "Theologian John Haught explains why science and God are not at odds, why Mike Huckabee worries him, and why Richard Dawkins and other 'new atheists' are ignorant about religion." (Courtesy vwvortexer.)

Mormons, Muslims, and Multiculturalism: "The deeply dispiriting Romney-Huckabee religion showdown." (Courtesy multiplexer.)

Time names Putin their 'Person of the Year.'

* The coming crisis: years of Bush's economic policies are showing their impact on state budgets.
* "A federal judge ruled yesterday that White House visitor logs created by the Secret Service are public records, and he ordered information involving the visits of nine conservative Christian leaders with Bush administration officials to be released to an advocacy group."
* Torture tape watch: what did the White House know, and when did they know it?
* "From a symbolic standpoint, it seems pretty lame that security concerns forced the British to hand off Basra to the Iraqis out at the airport on Sunday."
* Questioning religious freedom in the military.
* Harold Meyerson on the hypocrisy of the religious wing of the Republican party.
* Active glacier on Mars?
* The crisis of the creator of 'Homies'.

"Youth With a Mission is a nondenominational Christian network that takes in just about anyone - punk rockers, misfits, retired engineers, schoolteachers, fresh-faced teens. After a little training, they are sent to preach the Gospel in some of the most dangerous parts of the globe."

TGN reviews the tabletop gaming news of 2007.

[Update] Damnit! USA cancels The 4400. (Courtesy jwiv.)

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